How to Build a Deck for an Above Ground Pool

Have you decided to bring fun and relaxation to your backyard by installing an above ground pool?

How to Build a Deck for an Above Ground Pool
  • Choose a Material
  • Choose a Size
  • Choose a Style
  • Consider Safety and Storage
  • Consult with a Contractor

Your vision of a dreamy above ground pool isn’t complete until you decide on a deck design. After all, you want a place to lounge and relax poolside. A deck serves a practical and decorative purpose. Your deck can polish your above ground swimming pool’s appearance. It provides a seamless connection from house to pool.

When deciding on deck options for above ground swimming pools, you have several choices as to shape and materials. Your dream deck should fit your lifestyle and your pool design. Follow these steps to build the perfect above ground pool deck:

What Materials Do You Want?

Sketch out your pool deck ideas and get input from family members. Review photos of decks you like. Make in-person notes if you visit any pool owners who have an above ground pool with a deck. Then consult an experienced contractor to see if your design will work.

Decks can be built with wood, composite, resin, or aluminum. Resin or pre-made aluminum decks can provide an instant deck option. However, wood and composite materials may require more construction.

Think about the how hot each element gets if your deck is in a sunny location. Your deck should be water resistant. It needs to be able to withstand pool water, rain, and snow.

Above Ground Pool Decking

What Size Deck Do You Need?

Above ground pools come in heights ranging up to 52 inches. Pool size is a major factor in determining deck size. Pool shape also determines deck dimensions. Whether you have a circle shaped above ground pool or an oval shaped pool, your deck should serve as an accent to your pool. Your deck does not have to take the same shape as your pool. However, the design should enhance the beauty of your pool landscape.

Decks range in height from three to six feet. Decks should not attach to the above ground pool. Instead, decks should be placed right next to the pool. There should be a gap between deck and pool of no more than ¾ inch. Semi-inground pools may be half buried with a lower above ground height.

Always install your pool first and build the deck after pool installation to make sure you achieve the right fit.

What Deck Style Do You Want?

The edge of the deck can be built over the pool or under the pool edge, or halfway down the wall. Decking built halfway down a pool wall offers a multi-leveled appearance. These different levels allow for separate lounging, entertaining, and grilling areas.

A modern above ground pool with deck can embrace stylish designs. For instance, a stone patio can surround areas of the pool landscape. When stone patios adjoin a pool, make sure that pool retaining walls are strong to prevent the pool from collapsing.

What Safety and Storage Features Do You Need?

Safety features you can choose include a removable pool ladder or a self-closing gate to keep unsupervised children out of the pool. Gravel under the deck will enable water drainage. An anti-slip deck material will help prevent slips and falls due to a wet deck surface.

Create a storage space under the deck for tools and chemicals. This is convenient if you lack a building where you can store supplies. Building or buying a hinged bench for the deck provides a place to store pool floats and life vests while offering more seating for guests.

Above Ground Pool with Wooden Deck

What Information Does a Contractor Need?

The decking contractor will design and include all the deck features you want. Your budget and deck preferences will determine how many unique deck features you include.

Before requesting a contractor to draw deck blueprints, you’ll need this deck plan information:

  • Pool measurements. You need the diameter and height of the pool in order to calculate accurate deck dimensions.
  • Deck measurements. Include the height, width, and area measurements for each material.
  • Desired materials. Determine how much of your deck will be comprised of each material. For instance, what areas will be made of resin, pressure treated wood decking, or tile?
  • Building codes. Get a contractor or building inspector to review your plans to make sure they follow required code.

Once you have dreamed up your deck desires and hired a contractor to construct your vision, it’s time to enjoy. Lounge, sunbathe, and soak up time with family and friends—all poolside, thanks to your above ground pool deck.

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