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The 4 Best Ways to Improve Your Pool’s Energy Efficiency

Inground Pool with In Pool Chaise Lounge, Backyard Pool

You know it’s important to cut down on energy waste, save water, and save money by Going Green, so here’s how to make your swimming pool energy-efficient!

How to Make Your Pool Energy-Efficient in 4 Steps

If you could save money and protect the environment, wouldn’t you choose to do so? Here are the 4 best ways to make your pool eco-friendly:

  1. Use a pool cover to prevent water evaporation. Water evaporation, or the water lost from heat, is the main way your pool wastes energy. Pool covers reduce the amount of water that is evaporated.
  2. Incorporate windbreaks into your design. Another excellent way to prevent water evaporation in your swimming pool is by installing windbreaks such as walls, hedges, solid fences, trees, etc. Wind greatly increases the amount of water evaporated, but windbreaks may help.
  3. Heat your pool the natural way. Solar pool covers can also help you heat your pool by insulating the heat captured by the sun. This means less money on your monthly energy bill!
  4. Switch to energy-efficient pool products. Today’s top brands offer energy-efficient pool products such as pumps, heaters and filters. For example, variable speed pool pumps like the IntelliFloXF® from Pentair meet the Department of Energy’s energy conservation standards, making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly pools.

But don’t stop there! Read on for many other ways to make your pool Background Pool, Energy Efficient.