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Energy Efficient Pools – More Ways to Go Green

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The 4 BEST ways to improve your pool’s energy efficiency are to prevent evaporation, use efficient equipment, and take advantage of wind breaks and solar technology. But that’s just the beginning!

Other Ways to Make Your Pool Efficient

  • Invest in a variable speed pool pump and other energy-efficient pool equipment.
  • If you have a single speed pump, add an automatic timer to your pump and run the pump for six hours per day. Use Energy efficient pool pump
  • Set up a regular pool cleaning schedule to prevent pool equipment from becoming clogged by debris. Even better, invest in a robotic pool cleaner to automate much of your cleaning process.
  • When not in use, turn down your pool heater and maintain the American Red Cross’ recommended healthful swimming temperature of 78º or lower for fitness swimming or 81º for recreational.
  • Consider alternative pool types like saltwater or natural pools, and alternative sanitizers such as bromine, liquid chlorine or granular cal hypo. For more information on alternative sanitizers check out this informative brochure
  • Select your finish strategically! Darker finishes retain heat while lighter finishes maintain cooler temperatures.
  • LED pool lighting options are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and can save you money on energy bills each month. Use energy saver led light bulbs