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Guide to Robotic Pool Cleaners

Today we live in a world in which pool maintenance has never been easier. Today’s technology allows you to automate much of the cleaning and operational processes that used to take up precious free time, making maintenance less of a chore and pool ownership more enjoyable.

The first step to taking the hassle out of pool maintenance is choosing the right cleaning equipment — like automatic pool cleaners. These pool cleaners move around the bottom of your pool, cleaning debris, and are available as suction, pressure, and robotic cleaners.

Robotic Cleaner

What Are Robotic Cleaners?

The newest entry into the pool cleaner market, robotic or electric cleaners have a self-contained pump and filter system, and usually trap dirt with an internal filter. These auto pool cleaners need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

While suction and pressure cleaners offer a good option for those on a budget, you can’t beat the ease and performance of robotic cleaners. Because robotic pool cleaners typically plug into an ordinary outlet, they are more energy-efficient than vacuums that draw power from your swimming pool pump or require the installation of a separate booster pump.

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Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth It?

There are quite a few advantages to these high-tech models: Most robotic cleaners are programmable, and many have “smart” technology such as sensors that help them seek out dirt and grime, leaving your pool floor spotless. Robotic cleaners are also incredibly easy to operate. You basically drop them in the pool and let them do the rest.

Whether you need an inground or an above ground robotic pool cleaner, these high-tech devices should make your life easier. Instead of laboring poolside with a handheld vacuum, you can clean your pool with the push of a button while lounging in front of the TV.

After buying a robotic cleaner, the second step to hassle-free pool maintenance is to add a control system. With remote controls, you can automate most of the operation process.

While there’s a lot to love about robotic pool cleaners, all those high-tech extras do come at a price. Robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive pool cleaning option out there. Some pool owners report that robotic pool cleaners struggle with some types of pool surfaces like stairs and walls. Overall, robotic cleaners offer the best cleaning experience if you are willing to make an investment.

Pro Tip: When considering which robotic pool cleaner to buy, you’ll want to consider several factors, including the cleaner’s smart features, maneuverability, and filter size. You’ll also want to consider whether it can handle both large and small debris.

What Robotic Pool Cleaner Should I Buy?

Ready to take the plunge on a robotic pool vacuum? We’ve compiled a list of our top choices for you to try:

The Dolphin M400

A solid choice, particularly if your swimming pool is on the large side. The M400 features impressive innovations like its CleverClean™ navigation system and a double filter for superior debris removal. The M400 also comes with a caddy for easy storage and transportation.

The Dolphin S200

For small- to medium-sized pools, the Dolphin S200 offers a powerful, high-tech clean. Like the M400, the S200 boasts superior floor, wall, and waterline cleaning. Features include dual brushes, a patented, anti-tangling swivel cable, and an energy-saving weekly timer feature.

The Pentair Prowler 920

Featuring programmable cleaning schedules, a built-in weekly timer, and a customizable filtration level, the Prowler 920 delivers power and performance. Additional features include dual scrubbers, a 60-foot, tangle-free bloating cable, and separate baskets for large and fine debris.

A few final thoughts about automatic pool cleaners

Want the latest pool cleaner technology? A robotic pool vacuum will give you all the bells and whistles (and, probably, a smartphone app).

Still not sure which pool cleaner is right for you? To learn more, talk with your local pool professional. They can provide expert recommendations that help you decide which robotic cleaner fits your budget, lifestyle, and maintenance routine.

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