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Why Should You Make Your Pool and Hot Tub Energy Efficient?

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You want to help the environment, but you also want to save money. That’s why it’s important to make sure your pool and hot tub are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

What is an eco-friendly pool?

A pool that is eco-friendly or energy-efficient is one that reduces energy, water and chemical consumption. This can be achieved through products and practices that reduce wasteful water and energy usage.

Why “go green” with your pool?

If doing your part to help save the environment while saving money isn’t reason enough to want to make your pool energy-efficient, here are some more reasons that may help convince you:

  1. Be a friend to the animals. Do you live in a rural or woodsy area where you have frequent visits from wild critters? If by chance one of these animals gets stuck in or drinks from a traditional pool, they could drown or get sick. Eco-friendly pools that have safety fences and use less chemicals can help minimize these types of incidents.
  2. Reduce waste. Monthly pool maintenance requires tons of chemicals, creating unavoidable waste. By making your pool eco-friendly and energy efficient you can reduce some of this waste.
  3. Cut down expenses. Energy-efficient pools require fewer chemicals, water and energy, saving you money in the long-run. Most states also have incentives and rebates available for homeowners who convert to energy-efficient pool products.

Now that you understand WHY, let’s find out HOW