Do you need a permit for a pool? Who to call?
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Do you need a permit for a pool?

Most cities and towns require a building permit for new pool construction. Contact your local municipality for guidelines and fees. Here are other things to keep in mind when building a pool:

When you build a swimming pool, you will have to adhere to local rules and regulations, and the time to learn about the rules in your area is before you begin building your pool. Here are some of the things you should research when building a pool in your area.

Swimming Pool Building Permits Planning
  • Find out about local permits. Your municipality will require some type of permit to build an inground swimming pool. Some only require a residential building permit while others require an electrical permit. Talk to your local city or town to find out which type of permit you need.
  • Talk to your Homeowner’s Association (HOA), if you have one. Some HOA’s don’t allow backyard pools, while other do but the homeowner has to submit the plans for approval before beginning construction. Talk to yours before you begin the process to determine what you can and cannot do.
  • Check Ordinances. There are different rules for pools and hot tubs depending on where you live. Local ordinances may require quiet pool pumps that stay under a maximum allowed noise level. Others may have “setback” requirements that outline the minimum distance to build from buildings.
  • Think safety! Some municipalities dictate rules that will make swimming pools safer. For instance, some require a barrier of a certain height (it varies) around the entire pool. Others have rules that only allow for certain sized objects to pass through any openings in the barrier. And other municipalities require gates to open in certain directions and that locks are placed on all entrances to the pool.
  • Get Inspected. After you build your pool you will need a final inspection for safety. There are multiple inspectors for different parts of the pool such as structure, electrical, and plumbing. Since these inspectors are busy during the middle of building season, we suggest you schedule yours well in advance.

Who to call?

Before you get started and after you finish, there are two main parties that you should speak with:

  • Call local municipality. When you are starting out, call your local municipality and ask if they have a pool packet – a package of required documents for new pool construction. You will usually find everything you need from the permit fee to the building requirements inside.
  • Call local inspector or check online. When you are nearing the end of your pool build, schedule an appointment with an inspector so they can approve whether your pool is up to code. They’ll check your deck, coping, fences and gates. They’ll also make sure your pool hardware such as lights, handrails, ladders, filters, pumps, heaters, timers and other electronics are installed correctly.

Now that everything is approved and planned, here’s how you can prepare for construction:

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