Why Optimum?

So, you’ve always dreamed of having a swimming pool, and you like the idea of an above ground pool. Maybe your backyard is just one giant, steep hill. Perhaps you’ve decided that a traditional inground pool costs more than you want to spend. Or maybe you live in a place with rocky soil, a high water table, or some other conditions that make digging a pool difficult or impossible. Most people are familiar with the above ground style of pools, but there’s a new pool on the market that offers flexibility and durability: the Optimum Pool.

In this article, we’ll look at how semi inground pools (also known as “Optimum Pools”) stand-out from ordinary above ground pool kits. Here are the essentials:

Above Ground Swimming Pools

  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick assembly/setup (around 1 day)
  • DIY-friendly

Optimum Pools/Semi-Inground Swimming Pools

  • Flexible installation options (fully inground, partially above ground, etc.)
  • Constructed from high-quality materials
  • Longer lifespan than above ground pools

Why is Optimum the Best Above Ground Pool Option?

Optimum Pools (also known as semi-inground swimming pools) give you the best of both worlds: You get a durable, attractive, and (relatively) permanent swimming pool – for less than you’d pay for a traditional inground pool.

The biggest selling point, though, is that you can install an Optimum Pool almost anywhere – even in places where traditional inground or fully above ground pools can’t go. Optimum pools can be installed totally above ground or partially in the ground, which makes them a great fit for, say, backyards built on very steep hills or cities with restrictions on digging or pool height. This can all be done without the expensive costs of a retaining wall. The Optimum pool is strong enough to be plugged in to a hill by itself. Traditional inground pools require a retaining wall, which can cost the homeowner 10s of thousands of dollars.

And, if you love the look of an inground pool – but you don’t love the price tag or the weeks of construction work – you can opt to have your Optimum Pool buried in the ground. You get the same look for a fraction of the price (and in a few days vs. several weeks).

Optimum Pools

There’s more to these pools than their flexible installation options. Here are some other great reasons to consider an Optimum swimming pool:

  • Save time on installation. Fully inground pools can take up to 8 weeks to build. With an Optimum pool, you’re looking at 3 to 5 days of installation.
  • Your pool is built to last: Optimum pools are constructed from high quality materials such as heat-retaining, corrosion-resistant aluminum and thick, insect-resistant foam.
  • No retaining wall required

Don’t miss out on the new style of pool that is taking the industry by storm! Talk with a dealer near you and experience the joys of pool living.