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Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

What are Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners?

Even if the term “pressure-side pool vacuum” doesn’t ring a bell, you’d probably recognize one of these cleaners if you saw it: They typically connect to the swimming pool pump via a hose, they usually have wheels, and they’re equipped with mesh bags that collect leaves, dirt, and other debris. These pool cleaners get their name because they are powered by the force – or pressure – created as water is pushed out of the filter and back into your swimming pool.

In general, pressure-side pool cleaners do a good job, and you can get a good, reliable model without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind that your pool pump will have to work a little harder to keep the water circulating and keep the pool vacuum moving – that’s why most pressure-side pumps are designed to work with a booster pump.

pool pressure side-cleaner close-up

The cleaner relies on water pressure and three separate ports to stir up debris, propel the cleaner, and suction debris into a collection bag. The booster pump option uses higher pressure levels and can work with a time clock to fully automate the cleaning. This does make it more expensive to purchase and operate than its lower pressure counterpart.

Some inground pool owners choose to leave a pressure side vacuum cleaner in their pool even when swimming rather than moving it in and out of the pool, though you can’t forget to empty the debris collection bag periodically.

Need a boost? Call the pros.

A booster pump is a small pump designed to provide extra power for pressure-side pool vacuums. Using a booster pump to power your pressure-side cleaner will take some of the strain off of your swimming pool pump. Installing a booster pump requires electrical work and plumbing, so make sure to hire a professional to ensure that the work is done safely.

Why should I buy a pressure-side pool vacuum?

Pressure-side pool cleaners offer a great balance of price and performance. They are also an excellent choice for picking up heavy debris.

3 Advantages of Pressure Pool Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Pressure pool vacuums are clog-free.
  2. Capable of handling larger debris – pressure pool cleaners can vacuum up a large assortment of debris.
  3. Pressure pool cleaners can run on a timer (with a booster pump).
pool pressure side-cleaner underwater

Which pressure-side pool vacuum should I buy?

Think a pressure-side pool cleaner is right for you? Check out these three great options:

The Polaris TR28P

Designed for speed and efficiency, the TR28P is designed to work with a booster pump and features a large-capacity debris bag, dual jets for extra power, and a specially designed “tail” that pushes debris out of corners for easy removal.

The Hayward TriVac 500

This streamlined model boasts an extra-large, easy-open debris bag and an extra-wide suction inlet. The TriVac also features three jets and specially designed low-friction wheels to ensure a gentle clean. Add a Hayward booster pump (sold separately) for super-quiet, energy-efficient operation.

The Pentair Racer® LS

This pressure-side cleaner is a true powerhouse, featuring four jets and an extra-large vacuum intake. The Racer’s debris bag snaps on and off for easy cleaning, and its front-wheel drive design provides excellent traction. Pair with Pentair’s Boost-Rite pump to maximize power and minimize noise.

Recommended Brands

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