How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool for Severe Weather - Hurricanes - Before the Storm

A hurricane is a powerful, rotating storm that originates in warm tropical oceans and creates strong winds and heavy rain. Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage as they can produce winds exceeding 155 miles per hour as well as spawn tornadoes. Hurricane season may depend on the area you reside in. For the Atlantic, hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th and May 15th through November 30th in the Eastern Pacific.

Hurricanes - Before

If you live in an area prone to tropical weather, you should always prepare your home well in advance of the season - and your pool area is no exception.

Before the storm

When preparing for a storm, it is highly important to evaluate the area around your swimming pool to see what you need to do. For basic coverage we recommend lowering the pool water, secure equipment and take a survey of the surrounding landscape.

If you are concerned about your pool flooding, you can lower the water level 1-2 feet, but never drain it completely. Remember that the water will serve as a barrier to protect your pool’s finish from debris that might be thrown into the pool.

Another step is to take precautions for your swimming pool equipment. Your pool pump can be removed and be stored away for security. Make sure the circuit breaker is turned off before removing and wrapping tightly in plastic. Look around your pool area for other loose pool parts and secure them.

Finally, survey your landscape. Pay attention to close trees and shrubs and make sure they are pruned year-round so that there will be less debris to clean. You also want to be sure to put away patio furniture, toys, pool cleaning equipment, plants, etc. Ensure that all items are safely inside so that they don’t get blown around during the storm and possibly damage your home or pool. Be sure to secure heavier objects with rope or chain.

What to do after a Hurricane