Some of our frequently asked questions.

Q: Where is the Best place to build a Seablue Pool?

A: In Your Backyard

Right off your deck or patio. In the spot you don't want to mow anymore. The plot where your garden doesn't grow. Curved around the big, old tree you want to save.A Seablue Pool can be designed in almost any shape and contoured to fit the space you have, so your decision is limited only to your imagination and preferences!

Q: Where is the Best Geographical Location for a Seablue Pool?

A: Anywhere in the country – even Alaska.

East Coast, West Coast, high plains, flat lands– it doesn't matter where you live. It's how you want to live. Seablue Pools are crafted of steel, making it a pool that withstands all seasons and temperature extremes.

Q: How much will Pool Maintenance cost me - the truth!

A: $1.50 a day.

A buck fifty a day - honest! That's all it could cost the do-it-yourself pool owner to maintain a typical 16' x 30' pool containing 20,000 gallons of water. Naturally, the cost of maintenance varies depending on swimming pool size, water capacity, location and other factors. Your Seablue Pool dealer is best qualified to accurately estimate maintenance costs, once you've decided on the pool design. Plus the latest in technology allows you to spend more quality time in the pool with your family and friends – and less time out of the pool maintaining it. All play and no work is the idea. But realistically, plan on about 20 minutes a week for maintenance.

Q: How much are water and energy costs?

A: Higher. But not sky-high.

Water and utility bill increases depend on (1) pool capacity, (2) length of pool season in your area, (3) your utility providers' rates, (4) number of pumps, and (5) pool heater and other accessories. Owning a home swimming pool is an investment, just like your home and cars. Consider the upkeep as investment spending. And weigh the reasonable cost of pool ownership against the benefits of using your pool. The recreation, the relaxation, the quality time and sheer enjoyment of your backyard escape just can't be stated in terms of dollars and cents. For pool owners, the return on investment is priceless.

Q: How much will a Seablue Pool cost to build?

A: Only your Seablue dealer can tell you.

This is where you and your Seablue builder plan the details. What design do you want? The choices range from classic to free form. What special features do you prefer? To a lesser degree, is your backyard easy to access, excavate, extend water lines, etc? Your Seablue builder is the expert on all of the above.