How to Close an Above Ground Pool: 5 Easy Steps

Pools that are above ground have to be winterized every year to prevent your above ground pool from becoming dirty or damaged by freezing water. Also, winterizing your pool will allow for a fast and uncomplicated pool opening in the spring. If you take a few simple steps to winterize the pool, you will not only protect it from harm but will also ensure an easier time during the upcoming season. Here are the steps required to winterize your above ground pool.

Step 1: Balance the Water and Put Away the Accessories

Stabilize your pool by ensuring the water in your above ground pool is chemically balanced. You should also remove all pool accessories such as ladders, pool toys, slides, hand skimmer, rails, brushes, and anything else that can be stored. Make sure the items are put away in a cool dry place.

Above Ground Pool

Step 2: Vacuum and Add Winterizing Chemicals

Vacuum one last time and add the pool winterizing chemicals. Be sure to clean the inside walls of the pool with a brush and then vacuum it thoroughly. Once the pool is clean, add the specially-formulated winterizing chemicals to protect the water throughout the winter.

Step 3: Adjust the Water Level

Adjust the water level of your above ground pool by lowering it to just below the skimmer. This will prevent water from entering the skimmer during the winter. You can also use a skimmer guard in the skimmer instead of lowering the water level. This specially-made device goes inside the skimmer and will prevent any frozen water from damaging it. A third option is to use a specifically designed dam-like object that fits over the end of the skimmer, stopping any water from entering it.

Step 4: Ready the Pump and Take Apart the Filters

Now it's time to ready the pump and motor and take apart the filters. Start by disconnecting the pump and motor from the bottom of the pool filter and drain all water from it. Next, dismantle the pool filters by completely draining all hoses of any water, removing the filters, and cleaning all of these areas. This is usually a great time to throw out old filters and start with new ones in the spring. If possible, store these items indoors.

Step 5: Cover the Pool

The last step in winterizing your above ground pool is to pack it up for the winter. Place air pillows (or other floating devices) on the water and position the cover on the pool. Secure the cover with the pillow that is centered in the pool.

Now that your pool is closed for the winter there's only one more thing to do: start dreaming of next season when you can open your pool and begin enjoying it again!